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Thursday, December 8th, 2005

Time:7:05 pm.
-The Magician's Nephew -read
-The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe -read FAVORITE
-The Horse and His Boy -read
-Prince Caspian -read
-The Voyage of the Dawn Treader -read
-The Silver Chair -not read
-The Last Battle - not read

thats my list of things haha.
i love chronicles of narnia, and im pissed that they came out with the wrong book first, but then again the first book is kinda boring and only explains how Shasta came to be in Narnia and shit.

TLTWATW however is not boring and ive read the book like 7 times since i was in 2nd grade , and seen the original movie from england like 975944754 times.love it.

the horse and his boy is awesome too,but its a litte boring and kinda redundant, explaining more shit from Shastas past, but i do love the talking horse, whos name i cant remember, i have the book next to me on my desk too, im just lazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

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Time:6:10 pm.
"Hi Ho Hum. im in school, distracting myself.i was looking at my fingernails and realized all the white spots on my nails from not having enough calcium in my system.i should get lactaid so i can drink milk and eat more dairy.yeah so i was gonna go to Kids Peace today, its a home for kids who are in a bad situation at home or have mental problems (i think i should be there, i mean im crazy right? yeah i didnt think so either), but i decided not to go because i dont think i could give them the attention they needed. so im really getting into this bust im doing a some tattoed girl, she really hott. i fixed her boobs today....yeah.she looks good now.ceramics are alot harder then people think to work with. i really enjoy doing it though. Mrs. Marcinko (my AP art teacher) is FORCING me to erase pats face from my project of him, cause everytime i try to work on it i start crying, stupid me, so shes making change it to dave's face. but she wants me to work on it like this week, and i dont think i can yet.oh well ill try.rob lended me his new tattoo magazine to look at. he gives me a hug everyday now.funny.yeah and him, sara,ben,sumer,and a couple other people told that they were "Worried About Me", thats scary, i mean i dont smile for 4 days and automatically im like on suicide watch.im not that dumb, christ. i love my life, or i did, i still love some parts of it, except the parts where i feel like no one wants me.i hate that feeling, i really truly do. i have nothing to do this weekend, it bothers me more then usual cause at least with pat we could be bored together. this sucks. and ya know what? i have 2 count um 2 spiders in my bathroom, and hes not around to kill them, he always shoos them away for me, or trys. i want to talk to him, but i dont because im so afraid hes gonna just yell at me again and say really mean things to me like before, and im afraid its gonna hurt more then it already does, if thats possible. but i do want to talk to him, because i love him..... i cant do this right now..............."

"last night: so first kate picks me up and we go back to her house and then we go to Zern's, and i bought all these wierd sex pistols pins and Run DMC's "tougher then leather" LP. and some wierd tapes, like patsy cline,chumbawumba, and the history of Rap. so yeah on the way out all these people in thier cars kept honking at us and pulling up next to us and doing stupid funny shit.so then we were gonna go to pat's and give him a get well card, but i figured that he wouldnt want to see me, so we ended up driving to boyertown to see if Johnny V was home.he wasnt. so we drove back to kates house and amanda picked us up there. and we went to some party at some guys house. and there was a really nice girl i met who likes less than jake, she was pretty cool. she found out i was sXe and was like " you dont mind if people do drugs around you, do you?", me thinking she was talking about pot said "no" so she whips out a mirrior and starts dicing and snorting coke off of it.....haha.it baffled me for a bit. but im not a hata.so yeah i hope it snows and we have off monday, cause i need one more mental health day.i cant concentrate on anything. and i have all this art to do, i havent done any art since sunday night, and im like scared i lost my talent or something, haha it sounds stupid i know.i just wish things were as they use to be,i wish i was happy again.i wish all this pain and frustration and hopelessness would just fade away, i keep waiting to wake up from my dream. but its not a dream, everything did happen,and even knowing that im not, i feel more alone then ever.all i want is for my best friend to love me.im dreaming..."

"dear santa clause,
Pat called me last night to ask me something important.hearing his voice hurts my insides.knowing someone i love hates me and never wants to be with me ever again kills me.i feel like everything i ever wanted and hoped for is completly dead.my dreams,my feelings, all the love i felt,...gone.i hate my life now.i miss the way i use to wake up in the morning and actually have something to look forward to.i mean i love my friends and my art,...but theres nothing when im just a shell of what i use to be.when i think about what ive lost i feel like im drowning, like im trying to breathe underwater.im not even excited for christmas because im not getting what i really want.him.im so pathetic, its all my fault he doesnt want me.its all my fault he doesnt love me.its all my fault.i just wish that he knew how much it hurts, because when i talk to him, i try so hard to play like theres nothing wrong at all, like were just friends and la di da.the last entry he made in his journal, its not even towards me.i know it.he doesnt love me...i dont know if he ever did.everytime i talk to him, he tries to say these mean things just to hurt me.i just know it.and he knows that i wont say that it will, but he knows it does.my friends keep reasurring me that hes an asshole and that i need to get over him.its been getting easier,...but harder.i hate crying,i hate it.its been 2 weeks and 2 days.it feels like its been longer, and because of me and my stupidity,and because he hates me and doesnt love me,it will be forever.i want my best friend back.thats all i want for christmas.thank you santa.-love megan."

So those entries were from 2 years ago around this time, i just thought they were interesting, so yeah read them if you want haha, there mostly all about pat breaking up with me, no lie.

but some of the things i wrote doesnt sound like me now, at all.
and in the second enty sounds like fun, i dont remember it really haha, but it sounds like i had a good time.
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Time:6:05 pm.
today was pretty good.
-i finished my english finals and handed in my paper, SO THAT IS DONE, yeah
-then i went and turned in my book, i got $49, out of $111. whatever, its money
-moadys giving me his money he gets back from his books, so great, but that means he'll be buying himself his own christmas gifts, sucks for him,...and me im pissed off about that, i feel sooooo bad.
-took the bus home
-didnt eat anything all day.....
-uploaded some photos
-did some stupid shit online
-getting ready for work, im call in, as always haha

next week i have so many hours, and my mom got me some job cleaning this womans house for like $100 an hour!!!!!!!! wtf? awesome

i need money, really bad....i was gonna sell my blood for christmas cash, but i cant bring myself to do it.
blood money.

but yeah work time, soon.
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Monday, December 5th, 2005

Time:7:13 pm.
today wasnt as boring as yesterday, well kinda...

i got up late, it ruled, i never get to sleep in
then i did more research and emailed my teacher my essay, cause it wouldnt let me last night.
ate food really fast.i love coke a cola yum
then i got dressed and walked through the snow to my bus stop
the bus driver took a different way then all the others, i think hes new, but HE SUCKS

he went like such an assbackwards way, instead of turning down one street and then turing again into the mall, he fucken turned further down the road into the back of the borders... then out the parking lot,
and its really curvy and has alot of turns,that a bus OBVIOUSLY CANT FIT AROUND, but he did, he almost backed into a car, and he held up traffic and almost me late, and that never happens.
point:he sucks

work was ok, i found a way to get money for buying presents...

im selling my blood.

i cant do it 2 times a week, nd get $50 each time. not bad.
gross though, i dont want to do it.
oh well, do what you gotta do.meh.
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Sunday, December 4th, 2005

Time:11:47 am.
ugh i did research and writing ALL day and procastinated alot as well haha. i watched alot of food channel. ive been doing that alot lately, i love christmas time food, soooooo good.awesome

then OF COURSE, i had work 3-7pm, oh well, its money in the bankkkkkkk, and i need it haha im so broke today all i thought about where im gonna get more much needed christmas money, and i have no clue where.moady's helping though, which rules.

then i came home and did more research, gross.
i still have so much work to do if i wanted get good grades, thank god i work well under pressure, knock on wood.
wish me luck.
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Saturday, December 3rd, 2005

Time:11:27 am.
today was so boring. except the night ruled.
me and moady had huge fights today, the pressure from me getting ready for finals and him.....doing nothing, it pissed me off, i dont know why, maybe cause i had shit to do, and he didnt, so i was jealous?? yeah possibly.

i spent my whole day highlighting notes about my persausive essay due thursday, so i wanted to get more info into it before i can type it all out.
then i got dressed and went to work at 230-630,...i think? hm
anyway, i worked and thought about my paper the entire time, then i finalllllyyyyyyyy got out of work, so i came home and did a little more research and looked up movie times for "RENT"...

thats when all hell broke loose.

moady said he wanted to see "walk the line" and had no idea i had thought we were seeing "RENT"..so i said we should compromise.. apparently he thought i was being stubborn and was gonna force him to see "RENT"
i said we should see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, cause he loves Harry Potter as do i .

so we did, then fought in Wawa cause i wanted candy and he was pissed cause hes already paying for the movie.

so i got nothing
and we went to the theatre, and he bought me a soda and popcorn

Harry Potter was soooooooo good. i was amazing, we didnt want it to end, and i know ill sound like a perve saying this but thier 17, ....Ron and Harry are SO hott this year hahaha.

and Harry was in a bathtub scene, and its SOOOOOO HOTT.haha aaw man, gross ill stop

so we went home and had another fight while going to sleep. i suck. he went into the living room and he was sleepin on the floor, i didnt have my contacts in, and he was staring out the window

"what the hell are you lying on the floor near the window for?"
"cause i wanted to see the pretty snow"

then we made up and he came back to the bedroom.and everyhing was fine

wierd though, within the time we came home and went to sleep which was 45 minutes, it managed to snow like an 1 1/2...and stop.......wierd.
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Friday, December 2nd, 2005

Time:11:16 am.
Mood: cold.
i really didnt do anything today, at all.it kinda sucked. i went to work at 2pm and then worked till 6pm, and stef never called me back so i called her and she said "i could come over".she was being really wierd, i couldnt figure it out, she said she was "laying on the floor and shit" and i was like "okkkkkkkkkkk...." haha.
then she called back when i was on the way to her house and said "we wouldnt come over and she couldnt come out." so i was like ok........
then she called back in like a second, and i oouldnt understand a word she was saying.
she said "come and get me anyway." and she was crying/sounded upset
so i said ok...

then i realized i cant like kidnap her, as much as i would love to take her away and treat her like the adult she is. but im NOT her mom, and i cant do that.

so i called her back, and she said she was "Talking to my mom right now"

then she called back, and said "come over"......so we did

we went to the diner and had an awesome time laughing at a fat girl,laughing at former friends,laughing at ex-boyfriends,drinking way too sugardowned coffee and eating my bananasplit, laughing at each other and people watching.

i used to think that having a good time involves alot of money, and means you have to go somewhere, somewhere where everyone else is.

but that doesnt always make me happy.

sometimes all i need is my best friends, some bad coffee, and conversation.
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Thursday, December 1st, 2005

Time:6:27 pm.

and i also got SO much done today its disgusting heres a little list

-got help from english teacher
-got my mom the phone #'s for finacial aid and the cashiers office
-changed my address FINISHEDDDD
-registered for my classes for winter term(scroll down)
-got help from my math teacher
-and got all the info i need for math final
-got everything i need for Persuasive paper due thursday and my final for english

my classes for next term are......

COM-131-2221 (01993) Composition & Literature New 01/05/2006-03/16/2006 Lecture Tuesday, Thursday 10:10AM - 12:10PM, Room to be Announced 3.00 01/05/06

MAT-030-2242 (02400) Algebra I New 01/05/2006-03/16/2006 Lecture Tuesday, Thursday 12:30PM - 02:30PM, Allied Health Academy, Room TBA 3.00 01/04/06

BUS-100-2471 (01588) Intro to Business New 01/05/2006-03/16/2006 Lecture Tuesday, Thursday 06:00PM - 08:00PM, Room to be Announced 3.00 01/05/06

that rules/sucks. its still only 2 days a week, but it takes up my night that i could be working, which is shitty cause i need those hours, but i also need work haha, so yeah.
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Time:6:18 pm.
In the past 24 hours have you...

1. Had sex: NO
2. Bought something: NO BUS FARE COUNT?
3. Gotten sick: NOPE
4. Sang: NOPE.
5. Been kissed: NO SADLY
6. Ate something: YES,DUH FATTY
7. Felt stupid: NEVER
8. Talked to an ex: NO HAHA
9. Missed someone: YES, A LOT

Last person who...

1. Layed in your bed: MOADY,LAST NIGHT
2. Saw you cry: MOADY
4. Went to the movies with: MOADY
5. You went to the mall with: MYSELF

Have You Ever...

1. Said "I Love You" and meant it: EVERYTIME
2. Got in a fight with your pet: HAHA YES
3. Been to California: NOT YET
4. Been to Mexico: NO
6. Been to Canada: NO THANK GOD GAH
7. Been to Europe: NOT YET


1. Do you have a crush on someone: NO, HE LOVES ME LOTS
2. What book are you reading now: SIR GAWAIN AND THE GREEN KNIGHT HAHA
3. Worst feeling in the world: GUILT
4. Future KIDS names: JAKE AND JOHNNY
5. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: A DOG NAMED BOO BOO, AND A BEAR NAMED FREDDIE MERCURY....
6. What's under your bed: STUFFED ANIMALS
7. Favorite sports to watch: SWTACH, DUH
8. Location: MY BEDDDDDD
9. Piercing/Tattoos: EARS,SEPTUM,NOSTRIL,9
10. Do you drink: YES
11. What are you most scared of right now: FAILING MY ENGLISH CLASS, HENCE WRITING
12. Where do you want to get married: IN A CREEPY CHURCH
15. Do you like being around people: YES
17. Have you ever cried: DUH
16. What was your last boyfriends name: HOUTZ
18. Are you lonely right now: KINDA
19. Song that's stuck in your head a lot: THE LAST SONG SUNG MY ETHAN IN THE MOVIE SLACKERS
21. Played strip poker: NO , IM FAT!!!!! GAH
22. Gotten beaten up: NOT YET
23. Done an all-nighter: YES
24. Been on radio/TV: KINDA
25. Been in a mosh-pit:YES
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Time:6:07 pm.
i fucken love MADE, especially when they put the geekiest,trashed,most downssymdrome looking kid on there and make them do things they could never do haha, and i love the newest one with the Gay kid Josh, the soccer player, its awesome hes like jon and jake and all my other GBF's combined.
and hes wearing an oscar the grouch shirt haha.i L U V him aw man

Im such a fatty too, i just ate an ENTIRE little plate of shrimp with cocktail sauce,....what? i was hungry and it was my dinner...kinda.

i have to remember to upload some of my picture to my myspace, im a whore what can i say? haha.
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Tuesday, November 15th, 2005

Time:12:03 am.
this weekend is gonna rule, i love alcohol and alison and stef--->so all of this goes really good together too, so ill be happy.
i got stefs b-day presents and nowi just need to wrap them and alisons are already taken care of.SWEET. keg of whiskey-here i come.lookout now.
i love the golden girls.

man i wish SVU was on tv, goddammit, i missed it today cause i had to go shopping.meh i was worth it.

i havent seen erika in awhile, well i mean where i actually go to talk to her.

me and moady are getting so excited about moving back home/to the city. cause we HATE it here...
jobs suck here,people suck, and its expensive as all hell, lammmmmmeeeeeeeee.

ok bye.
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Tuesday, November 1st, 2005

Time:11:43 am.
i probaley couldnt be in a worse mood right now,
-waiting for the bus for an hour in the cold
-walking through the water
-having a research paper due
-tons of math hw
-citing pages!!kdfksjdskljsf
-selfish people pissing me off
-someone not usually rude, being.
+my makeup looking good
+looked awesome today
+cheese curls

im done, why cant people do things for other people? not themselves, and without being told, or guiltripped?
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Monday, October 31st, 2005

Subject:im amazing
Time:3:58 pm.
i just cleaned the entire apartment like a beast.
-vaccuming/HALF DONE
-washing towels/DONE
-organizing HALF/DONE
-put new dishes in/DONE
-bedroom/NOT DONE YET

moady's coming home with 2 pumpkins and candy, and im gonna trick him into renting "seven" cause i really want to watch that today along with dracula, then im gonna treat him to my muffins., its my duty tonight to hand out candy while scaring the shit outta kids. awesome shit.
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Thursday, October 27th, 2005

Time:8:57 pm.
moady rules, hes taking me halloweener shopping, i love when people spend money on me!!!
my costumes gonna rulllleeee. who else is going to peelouts?? or mischief brew on mischeif night??
WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE DOING ON HALLOWEEN??!?? seeing that i didnt hear anything going on ON THE ACTUALL FUCKEN HOLIDAY!!! geeezzz.
what are other people being for halloween?? TELL ME! i miss erika alot right now, haha i dont know why. im wierd. i do miss her though, she makes my boring days,...uh...non-boring, haha.
where the fuck is everyone?
i love how i never posted any of those pictures from anarcho-folk night at the trash can. maybe ill do it later.
peace out fatfaces.
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Monday, October 24th, 2005

Time:11:53 pm.
im so sickkkkkk, its sucks.
so many people are sick too.
the party/show last sat was awesome,i love my friends.
erika turned 17 and lived to tell.
and i have like 495435 pictures of the 40 bot.

i had my interview today with Bath and Body Works, which ruled, cause they want me to be customers sales lead, which means im a keyholder,and i get a raise.sweeett. no tattoos, or piercings though. im totally applying to starbucks and walmart, cause theyre down the street, and theyre hiring,rule.
i got my last paycheck from pac-sun, and it was 40$, i hate them.they suck and they dont even know im totally leaving soon.
im gonna try to go to NYC this friday with kenny and courtney,but i have no idea how the fuck i would get to philly without moady, so i gotta look into the bus schedule.
im gonna go take more cough medicine.
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Friday, September 30th, 2005

Time:1:43 pm.
Mood: okay.
This is my new journal. I made it just for my English class, in other words this means I was too lazy to write on paper,print it out, and hand it in.
Anyway, yesterday i finally got to go to English class. I missed the first five minutes, so I'm not sure what the whole situation with the teacher was. From what I could gather, the teacher that didn't show up yesterday was fired or replaced by the teacher i have know. This is what happens when you miss the first five minutes of class. By the way, I took up crocheting. It's really fun, but tedious. You really need concentration, and a lot of time on your hands. I'm trying to make a scarf. I hope I don't get frustrated and give up. That means my mom would end up finishing the scarf, but then again she loves doing that kinda of shit. Well I'm starving right now, so I'm gonna go eat something before I fade away.
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